10 Tips for Staying Healthy During Festivals

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Festival season is upon us and like you; I am ecstatic to get my booty dancing to some sexy beats on dusty dance floors. Ever since I attended my first transformational music festival, Lightning in a Bottle, I have been hooked ever since. California surely knows how to throw a great party. There’s no shortage of groovy beats, festival fashion and psychedelic art here.

One thing I have learned after attending my fair share of festivals is making sure you are always prepared for the elements. The weather usually fluctuates between blazing hot during the day and drops down to freezing at night. I’ve become quite the collector of funky fur coats thanks to finding that one out the hard way. I’ve also found that taking care of your health is first and foremost during these long weekends. Most of us spend long nights that turn into mornings and put our bodies through a lot of stress that make us fatigued.  I want to share with you my health hacks to keep you alive and well during this upcoming festival season.

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Ten Tips for Staying Healthy During Festivals

 1.     Stay hydrated. This is no joke, make water your best friend all day long, every single day. Even start preparing the week before you head into the festival. Often times we start to reach for other beverages or forget about water entirely but I am here to tell you that water will energize you! A good rule of thumb is to drink a cup of water after every alcoholic beverage you partake. You are 70% water, must we never forget that.

2.     Eat fresh and so clean, clean. It’s easy to want to gorge yourself with all the packaged foods that camping usually entails or those late night French fries. Let’s shift our goal to eat more light and refreshing meals, more color and less sugar. Two of my favorite meals that are easy to whip up and last over the course of a weekend are my Vegan 3 Bean Salad and my Superfood Energizing Granola recipe. 

3.     Aim for one solid meal every day. This solid meal should be hearty and full of carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats to nourish you for the next few hours. Make this time a ritual with your campsite whether it be your breakfast, lunch or dinner that you all aim to enjoy together to connect, ground each other and bring you back to the present moment.

4.     Stretch, silly. This might sound funny but I promise you a team stretch will do the mind and body some good. These festivals are including more and more yoga for a good reason- take advantage of it!  If you happen to miss out on the yoga class, spread out a tapestry or blanket and stretch wherever you are. Stretching is great for circulation, increasing range of motion and reduces stress!

5.     Eat your water. Did you know there are foods that actually contain a high amount of water content along with all of their nutrients? Think cucumbers, watermelon, tomatoes, spinach, celery, you get the picture. 

6.     Pack a great full spectrum, pesticide free CBD oil. If you haven’t experienced CBD aka Cannabidiol yet- this might be a game changer for you. This beautiful healing oil derived from cannabis heals inflammation, aids in anxiety and is a best friend for sleep. Enjoy throughout the day and most importantly right before you go to bed (whenever that might be).

7.     Invest in a good pair of earplugs. I always thought this was such a dork move but later realized that having my hearing all throughout life truly matters. Sound in our ears increases 10 decibels with volume output and human ears can only withstand 80 decibels before hearing loss. That ringing in your ears isn’t a sign of a good time, it’s actually a sign that you’ve done some damage to your ear hairs that help you hear clearly. Most earplugs now days are created so that the entire experience won’t be muffled and they will fit discreetly inside of your ear so you’ll still look cute. Promise.

8.     Glitter, rinse, repeat. I know I’m all about wearing crazy makeup, getting sweating and letting randos paint on me but remember that your hygiene is important. If you can, invest in a solar shower, wash your face daily, brush your teeth and hair and if you can pay for $7 shower at least one day; do it. Just because you’ve lost sense of time doesn’t mean you should lose your sense of self-care. 

9.     Remember, it’s a marathon and not a sprint. Too often I see people going ‘all in’ when they are on party mode. Just because you are super excited to be where you are doesn’t mean you have to take in all the alcohol you possibly can or all the other party favors you come across. There’s a time and place to say no sometimes and that’s totally okay. Craft your own high that is for you only.

10. Embrace the power of a nap. Getting as much sleep as you can fit in because it will dramatically alter your performance both during and after the festival. Adequate sleep will help clear out toxins, spur creativity, lower stress, reduce inflammation and above all will make you a happier human.