Limonini CBD Cocktail

Kyrious Cocktail
Kyrious Cocktail

A little bit of MONK Provisions + a little bit of tequila and we got ourselves the perfect party cocktail. I wanted to highlight Monk's No 0.17 fresh pressed juice that has grapefruit, cinnamon bark, cayenne and CBD. This limonene rich drink is uplifting, refreshing and best when shared with girlfriends. 

Limonini Cocktail Recipe
(serves 1)

4 oz MONK No 0.17 Drinking Botanical CBD only
1.5 oz organic silver tequila or 1 shot
2 T fresh squeezed mandarin juice
3 T lemon Spindrift sparkling water
pinch of salt

Shake ingredients over ice + add fresh slices of grapefruit. 

*Photography by Aisling MacIsaac