The Perfect Hangover Elixir

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Life is all about balance. From how you eat to the way you indulge, it's all about balance. When long nights turn into rather tough mornings this is the elixir you'll want on deck to help aid you back to recovery. Beating a hangover is no easy feat but with the right antioxidants, vitamins and adaptogens anything is possible. The best thing you can do post-party is flush your system with only the good natural things your body craves. This elixir is a force to be reckoned with. Each ingredient aiding to a unique part of your body that alcohol wreaks havoc on. 

Coconut water
When we imbibe the night before this depletes certain vitamins and electrolytes within our body. The balance of electrolytes in our body is essential for normal body functioning, anything that is 'off' in our body will make us feel 'off' as a whole. Think of coconut water as magic juice that helps bring our bodies back to a state of happy equilibrium when under stressful states. 

Sea buckthorn
Drinking alcohol creates 'oxidation' throughout our bodies which overtime can produce free radicals which happen to damage our cells (which we want to protect every cell in our body as much as possible, obvi.) When we intake antioxidants, they actually happen to fight back against this process of damaging cells. Sea buckthorn berries are not only a great source of antioxidants but they also happen to have the most potent form of omega 7. So why haven't you heard about this omega? As I am sure you have heard about omegas 3 + 6 before. Believe it or not, omega 7 has been studied to help break down fat, increase energy due to fat breakdown and reduce inflammation. When our bodies are most definitely inflamed when we feel 'hungover' this potent berry comes in to help aid in digestion and overall skin complexion. So long puffiness. 

Apple cider vinegar
As a cult favorite health food, and for a good reason- ACV is powerful in its healing capabilities in the body. This is the medicine you need to help detoxify your liver, balance your blood's pH and feed your gut with healthy bacteria. That being said, always look for a bottle of ACV with a floating 'mother' on the bottom of the bottle. This murky healer contains all of the proteins, enzymes and bacteria your gut really needs. 

It's no question that this plant helps in a myriad of ways. Specifically for hangovers it can aid in nausea, headaches, mood swings, inflammation and sleep. Most people feel anxious when they are hungover so I always recommend a high-CBD, low-THC strain to help ease these feelings. 

This root is one of the best things you can ingest for stomach discomfort. Great for overall digestion and easing nausea. I would even recommend continuing to drink warm ginger + lemon tea all day to follow-up with this tonic. 

The Perfect Hangover Elixir  
(Serves 1) 

1 1/4 cup coconut water (This is my favorite brand, mostly because of taste, and it's pink)
Half fresh squeezed lemon
1/4 cup warm water
1 Tbsp sea buckthorn puree
2 tsp CBD-infused honey 
1 tsp apple cider vinegar
½ knob minced ginger root
¼ tsp cinnamon


  1. Warm half cup water. Pour into fresh glass. 

  2. Squeeze half of the lemon into glass, add ginger and honey. Mix well and let sit 3-5 minutes. (Feel free to strain out the ginger pieces after letting sit)

  3. Top with apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, sea buckthorn puree, coconut water and ice. Treat yourself with a little TLC and may this elixir heal you.