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I grew up with a unique love-hate relationship with food that wasn't always a happy one. I always thought that health and wellness was about how perfect and clean your diet 'should' be. When I started to do some soul-searching and trying to find the ultimate balance in health, I came to find that wellness is so much more than what we feed our body. Nutrition extends far beyond food- it encompasses everything we nourish our selves with. 

My goal for you is to not only find a healthy relationship with food and diet but also find the tools you can use to live your best and happiest self.  



There is no one-size fits all approach to diet. No one way of eating, exercising and supplements is good for everyone. We each have unique nutritional needs that should be addressed on the individual level based on our health history, blood type, lifestyle and more.



Self-care is not only the most important when it comes to healthcare but it is also the least focused on. Together we design a self-care regimen ideal for your lifestyle so that you can find balance and peace of mind that extends far beyond food and fitness. We focus on personal growth, community, restorative health, goal-setting and creativity. 

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///Plant power

My focus is on plant-based nutrition to help bring your body back to a homeostatic balance. You will learn about plants and herbs in relation to your microbiome, biohacking, adaptogens, superfoods, skin food and more.  

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Life is about balance. We need to have room to make mistakes to learn from and realize that we aren't meant to be perfect, ever. Have the cake, have the wine and learn to enjoy it rather than regret it. Count blessings and not calories. There's no room for negative self-talk, restricting or starving.  



Contact me to first fill out a brief questionnaire and we will schedule an initial consultation for free.


I will work with you on outlining a custom nutrition, supplement and lifestyle plan to help you achieve your health goals. Together we will create a step-by-step approach to restore your bodies' imbalances and nutritional deficiencies. We will meet either in person or remotely weekly or bi-weekly to discuss plant-based nutrition, adaptogens and lifestyle tools custom to you.


You will receive guidance and support via emails and texts with a unique meal plan, recipes, and research targeting your specified ailments or concerns.


let’s work together.

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