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Having grown up with a German grandmother who taught me the love of cooking with a few simple ingredients, I grew passionate about food from a young age. To me, cooking was like a endless science experiment where you get to play with unique ingredients and make people's senses come to life.

Although German food wasn't quite my fortay growing up, I started to formulate my own sense of diet and eating that I deemed ideal for my lifestyle without any guidance from a professional. Like most girls my age during high school, I started to become obsessed with dieting and what I looked like physically. I turned from a place of self-love to a place of self-harm and wound up suffering from multiple eating disorders for years to come.

It wasn't until 2009 for my graduation present that I took the experience of a lifetime to Maui on a Kindred Spirit retreat. An entire week surrounded by others to learn about self-love, self-care and never being afraid to ask for help. This week set in magical paradise was also my first wake-up call to the power of plant medicine for healing.  I can honestly say that this experience was not only my wake-up call but also my calling in life. 

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I believe in the power of food as medicine and that certain plants help raise our vibrations. 

I wanted to figure out how I could make people feel so alive from the inside out as much as I did that week and knew it wasn't just in the raw vegan food. That following year, I made it clear that my college experience would be focused on health and healing. In 2015 I graduated from Portland State University with a BS in Public Health with a concentration on community health education. I decided that the stress of medical school would not serve me at that time in my life and instead decided to attend the school of Integrative Nutrition to become a holistic health coach.

Over the years I started to pick up wellness tools that would help me along the way such as a certification in yoga and reiki, solo traveling, cannabis for health and what it really means to live your truth. Each person's experience and past is a colorful one but I know that without everything that has happened, it wouldn't bring us to where we are today. 

My mission for Kyrious is to empower and educate others about the elements needed to heal themselves. I hope in time you too become just as curious as me about food, wellness, travel, natural beauty and plants.